Airbnb is expanding to Westeros to fulfill your ‘Game of Thrones’ dreams

HBO’s Game of Thrones is one of the most beautiful shows ever — not just because of its cast (hellooooo beautiful humans), but also because of its epic, sweeping scenery. The show shoots all over the world, and while it uses plenty of CGI enhancements for the sets, the natural beauty of our planet-as-Westeros can’t be covered up. But actually visiting the far-off places and spaces where the show shoots is impossible, inaccessible —a total pipe dream. …Right?

Not so, thanks to the efforts of the folks at Airbnb. The crowdsourcing rental network put together a list of locales near or inspired by real-life Game of Thrones shooting locations, aka the Westeros we know and love on the show. Want to stay in a castle fortress like Winterfell? There’s a castle in Northern Ireland with a master bedroom available to rent.

Looking for hotter weather? Pack your best traveling Khaleesi looks and head for Morocco, where you can stay in a Bedouin-style tent.

And if you’d like to head to King’s Landing itself? This scenic beach in Croatia was the back drop for season 2’s most epic showdown, the Battle of the Blackwater.

For the full list of Thrones-inspired destinations, check out the full list here. Sooo, who else suddenly feels the urge to take a vacation?

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