You could have stayed at the “AHS” Murder House this weekend for $1,450 a night

American Horror Story fans, listen up. The actual, real Murder House was available on Airbnb for the creepiest vacation ever. Unfortunately, the listing has since been taken down for reasons unknown (~~spooky~~), but we’re over here crossing our fingers that it will become a possibility again soon.

The mansion, which is based in Los Angeles, was the setting for the series’ very first amazing season, and it was available for $1,450 a night. TBH, not too bad for the ultimate fandom dream. Plus, it can accommodate over 16 people with nine bedrooms and four bathrooms, so you could have invited 15 of your AHS-loving friends and split the cost for less than $100 a night per person. THE DREAM, GUYS.

Reportedly, the listing read:

Except for some bizarre reason, the listing didn’t mention the most important detail of all: IT WAS THE LOCATION OF AHS, DUH. However, we must admit the mansion has been famous long before AHS, with over a century of reported hauntings and history.

According to Variety, those who nabbed the chance to stay in the famous mansion gave it rave reviews:

Maybe they took the listing down because of the dangers of Rubber Man, but either way, we hope it goes back on Airbnb ASAP.