This Ain’t Disney: Victoria Justice Stars In ‘Snow White & the Seven THUGS’

Whistle While you twerk and watch Victoria Justice slay as Snow in the hood. Just like all of Todrick Hall’s other musicals this one is chock–full of Internet celebrities, pop parodies, meme jokes, and hood humor.


Victoria Justice as Snow White (@victoriajustice)
Joey Graceffa as The Prince (@joeygraceffa)
Glozell as The Witch (@glozell)
Kingsley as The Magic Mirror (@kingsleyyy)
Kimberly Cole as The Evil Queen (@kimberlycole1)
Harvey Guillen as The Huntsman (@harveyguillen)
Tre Melvin as Ashy (@tremelvin)
Miles Jai as Fruity (@miles_jai)
Orlando Brown as Crusty (@orlandobrown_)
Brashaad Mayweather as Tooty (@mayweatherlive)
Tevin Williams as Musty (@Tevin_Kyrell)
J-Light as Nappy (@jlightmusic)
Lisa Damato as Aurora (@LisaDamato)
Vonzell Solomon as Princess Tiana (@VonzellSolomon)

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