There was a major flub on SNL, and everyone on the internet is now deceased

On Saturday, September 28th, Saturday Night Live kicked off its 45th season with a hilarious premiere episode that reminded us that yes, SNL is certainly a live show. During one of the sketches, cast member Aidy Bryant had a laughing fit after a wardrobe person made an unintentional cameo. And is it just us, or are the SNL flubs sometimes funnier than the sketches themselves?

In the sketch in question, Bryant played Denise Craw, the host of a fictional political talkshow called “Inside the Beltway.” Episode host Woody Harrelson, and fellow SNL cast members Keenan Thompson and Cecily Strong each played a political correspondent who offered their take on the current impeachment inquiry issued last week by the House of Representatives.

The skit featured several “previously recorded” flashbacks to prior “Inside the Beltway” episodes. Of course, these weren’t actual previously recorded flashbacks. Rather, Bryant, Harrelson, Thompson, and Strong each performed mid-sketch quick changes to create the flashback illusion.

And, as you can see in the below clip, it’s during one of these quick changes where things got a little hairy.

There was obviously a behind-the-scenes miscommunication as to when the final quick change should happen, as is evident by the rogue wardrobe woman at around the 4:40 mark. Whoops!

And just like Aidy Bryant, we can’t help but uncontrollably laugh. Her giggle is contagious.


We’re ready to have this wardrobe person join the permanent cast, TBH.

And the premiere-episode faux pas didn’t end there. Bryant found herself laughing during yet another sketch during the episode. She and Kate McKinnon couldn’t help but chuckle when the donkey in their apple-picking skit hee-hawed off screen (around 1:40).

Although it doesn’t happen often, when SNL cast members break character, it really makes our night. Hopefully these hilarious flubs are a good sign of more great things to come in season 45.

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