Aidy Bryant is really proud to be on “Saturday Night Live” at a time with so many women in the cast, and let’s keep this going

We love women supporting women, and we love, love women working together. We are so here for female camaraderie and the power it has to help women grow — and so is Saturday Night Live actress Aidy Bryant.

When asked if there was a woman who’s really influenced her life and career, Bryant said there have been many women who have helped her along the way.

“There’s lots of women who’ve helped me in many different ways,” she told HelloGiggles at Comic-Con. “But definitely when I lived in Chicago, I was part of an all-female improv team and a lot of those women were much more accomplished than me and had done amazing things that I had never done. I was really honored for them to ask me to perform with them, and I learned so much. They really changed my life.”

But actually, because Bryant went on to explain how the female camaraderie she experienced early in her career informed her art and helped her grow as an artist.

“It changed everything for me, because not only did these people that I admired say, ‘You can do this and you should keep going,’ but I try to do the same thing,” Bryant said. “I’m really proud to [have been on Saturday Night Live] at a time when [there were] seven women in the cast.”


[NOTE: Vanessa Bayer, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Sasheer Zamata, Melissa Villaseñor, and Bryant were featured in the most recent season, but Bayer and Zamata recently announced their exit from the sketch comedy series.]

“That’s incredible and that’s never happened before,” Bryant said of SNL‘s many female cast members. “I feel so lucky because we’re each really different and we all do really different things, but we all contribute and we’re a major team, so what could be better than that?” Honestly, Aidy has us beat there, because that sounds like the greatest.

Only thing we can think is let’s keep this going and add even more amazing, talented women to the Saturday Night Live mix.