Where can we sign up for Aidy Bryan’s Easy Bake Oven cooking class?

If there’s anyone we want to teach us how to use an Easy Bake Oven, it’s comedy princess Aidy Bryant. Clearly, she knows her way around the plastic machine with the REALLY HOT light inside that can ~magically~ transform some chocolate-like powder, water, and sprinkles into something delicious.

Or, er, somewhat delicious looking, depending on how much of a master chef you are at Easy Bake.Watch this on The Scene.

Teaming up with Bon Appétit, Bryant and three lucky participants try their hardest to whip up some Easy Bake chocolate cake. You know you would be thrilled to hang out with Bryant for a little bit, and bake something with her. However, the three “young gentlemen” chosen to hang out with Bryant are less than thrilled. Clearly, they’ve never seen that SNL sketch where Bryant plays Ursula, but that’s neither here nor there.

So what do we learn in this Master Class? The brown bowl is not “poop,” Mario Batali has never said the word “goop,” (and also he is not the same as the guy from Extra), and it’s TOTALLY OKAY to eat cake that has fallen on the floor. This cooking class speaks our language. For serious, how soon until we can get Bryant her own cooking show on national television, and does she do Easy Bake Oven catering? If comedy ever fails, this is a perfect backup plan.