Why Aidy Bryant Should Be My Best Friend

You’ve heard of Aidy Bryant, right? Of course you have. She’s so funny and smart and cute and generally the best, bow down, we’re not worthy, etc. etc. But here’s what you and she both don’t know yet: she and I should prooooobably be best friends. No stalk-o, I just think she’s the greatest, and that our sensibilities line up really well and she could teach me how to use Etsy and I would make us friendship bracelets. Bear with me:

1) She is routinely the strongest performer in an already very strong SNL cast. (The show’s season finale was last night. Sob!) She can turn a mediocre sketch into a good one, and a good sketch into an epic one (Paging Tonkerbell). She’s also completely fearless: “Dyke and Fats,” a sketch where she and fellow castmember Kate McKinnon play lesbian and fat chick stereotypes—hitting on ladies and hamburgers, respectively, for instance—was a brave and laugh-out-loud funny take on labels that have probably been used against them in the past. It’s badass and hilarious, a winning combo. In best friend terms, this suggests to me that her texting game is off the chain.

2) She is in possession of maybe the cutest style in the entire world? Hamburger rings. A million cute dresses and cardigans. A keen awareness of lipstick. Ol’ AB works it out at a high level, and I want to raid her closet.

3) She has said that Morgan, her recurring character from the Girlfriends Talk Show sketch with Cecily Strong, is the character she loves to play the most, in part because she identifies with her a lot. Well, SAME. Morgan says things like she doesn’t have time for dating because “I’m dating the woman I’m becoming and I love every moment with her.” This is the kind of Perfect Loser line I would absolutely have spewed as a weird theatre teen. Girl gets me.

4) She and her boyfriend, comedian and Late Night with Seth Meyers writer Conner O’Malley, are SO. CUTE. TOGETHER. There is a lot of double date potential here, is what I’m saying.

5) She made this “Garbage Cake” with the girls from Rookie. It’s perfect! And then when she tries to sing Jewel’s “Hands” with them and they don’t get it?? Aidy, be with me. I will never let you down on a Lillith Fair sing-a-long.

All I’m saying is, Aidy: you know where to find me. (Twitter, I guess? Hit me up)

(Image via Cinemablend)

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