The “American Horror Story” cast spent Thanksgiving together, and what if that was just Season 8?

The American Horror Story cast are BFFs IRL, and we don’t know how to handle this glorious information. We’re scrolling through Instagram just like any other day when a photo of Emma Roberts, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and Ryan Murphy sitting on a couch surrounded by Thanksgiving decor shows up in the feed with the caption “American Horror Story Thanksgiving.” Uhhmmm, what!? The core cast and creator of AHS celebrated Thanksgiving together and we can’t even handle it. Peters also posted the sweetest double-date photo with Roberts, Paulson, and Paulson’s long-term girlfriend Holland Taylor. He appropriately captioned the photo “Qwans” (lol) and tagged Paulson as Millie Bobby Brown (lol again). Peters also posted a moody photo of Mr. Ryan Murphy sipping a cocktail with the caption, “album dropping soon.”

Based on the giant dinner table in the background, we’re guessing it wasn’t just a dinner for the five of them, but we have so many questions, like…Was Billie Lourd there? What about Kathy Bates? Okay, were non-AHS ~regulars~ invited? Did anyone make any AHS: Thanksgiving jokes, but also low-key we’d watch that season.

Try and forget how basic your own Thanksgiving gathering was and gaze upon the OG AHS crew enjoying turkey, stuffing, and pie in Murphy’s opulent house.

We’re guessing the home belongs to Murphy, though it could be any of their houses. We wonder if Gwyneth Paltrow was there? Why? Because she’s dating (and rumored to be engaged) to Brad Falchuk who is Murphy’s producing partner and co-creator of American Horror Story. Look at these glorious photos one more time, now imagine Paltrow holding the camera and saying “1, 2, 3, CHEESE!”