Let’s soak in the greatness of how the Ahmed Mohamed story turned out

A lot has changed since we last talked about Ahmed Mohamed. You remember Ahmed: He’s the 14-year-old inventor and engineering whiz kid who was suspended from his Irving, Texas high school for bringing a so-called “hoax bomb” to class. In truth, the object was a clock Ahmed had built to show his engineering teacher. Another teacher reported Ahmed, which led to his arrest and a three-day suspension. The resulting news coverage, much of it in Ahmed’s favor, spurred the creation of the now-viral #IStandWithAhmed hashtag.

But the story doesn’t end there. In fact, so many wonderful things have happened for Ahmed since his arrest, including all charges being dropped, that it deserves a detailed breakdown. This story has really filled us with hope. 

Ahmed got off to a great start when the President of these United States gave him a shout out heard ‘round the world and invited Ahmed to drop by the White House next month for Astronomy Night.

While presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton gave him just as much support:  

Meanwhile, Silicon Valley began rolling out the welcome mat, with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg writing on his personal page that “the future belongs to people like Ahmed.” Tech companies like Reddit, Foursquare, Autodesk, Twitter, and Google encouraged the teen to keep building and to drop by sometime, possibly for an internship:

And what about the kid at the center of all this? How is he feeling? Pretty inspired we’d say:  

In fact, Ahmed has officially decided to take his talents elsewhere and will be transferring to another high school in the coming weeks. From there, he’ll hopefully go to MIT, which invited him up to Massachusetts for a campus tour. His one-day nightmare has turned into a lifelong dream.

“I was scared at the moment, but now I feel really happy,” he told Good Morning America yesterday. “I’m getting all this support from all over the world. And the support isn’t just for me but for everyone who has been through this. I will fight for you if you can’t stand up for yourself.”

Our hearts are full.

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