This woman’s inspiring words to an age-shaming clerk have gone mega viral

Anyone who’s been to a mall has encountered a pushy (or a least pushy-ish) salesperson. It’s their job to suggest that we try this face lotion to have the softest skin ever or that makeup that looks the most natural. And some salespeople promise their products will make us look years younger. When 40-year-old Annick Robinson was walking through the Calgary Airport, the same thing happened to her… but with a twist. When she stopped in a shop, a salesman was a bit too eager and way too inappropriate regarding Robinson’s age when trying to sell her face creams.

Robinson shared the whole interaction on Facebook. “Let me guess your age…” he said to Robinson and guessed 12 years younger than her actual age. “I look my age and that’s okay actually,” she replied.

But the man continued. “Let me show you our face serum, because if you aren’t careful to maintain your skin now, these wrinkles on your face will get much deeper, by 45, creams won’t help anymore.”

She replied, “What’s wrong with a woman looking 40?”

He said, “Well let’s talk about the bags under your eyes, and smile lines, my eye cream could improve those in 15-minutes.”

To which Robinson said, “What’s wrong with my eyes? I have a miracle baby at home and haven’t slept in 2 years, so if I have bags I am grateful to have them, and my husband and I laugh a lot. Those are his fault. He loves how I look… I don’t think I need your cream.”

The man went on and on about Robinson’s age and how aging will affect her skin. He even assumed price was the issue (!), offering her all three creams for $199, saying, “that’s cheaper than Botox!”


Finally, Robinson couldn’t take it anymore and said, “I look fine now, and when I’m 45 I will look fine, and when I’m 50 I will look fine, because there is nothing wrong with a woman aging. Old age is a privilege denied to many, and I don’t appreciate you marketing youth instead of your products, and denigrating aging women as a sales tactic. Thank you, but I don’t want or need your cream.”

YES to all of this.

“I was so horrified by the normalcy of his sales pitch, and the sales ringing up at his cash, that I took a picture of that wrinkled baggy face he was selling to, right on the spot,” Robinson said on her Facebook page. “This is the face my children and my husband love. I think I’ll keep it.”

We couldn’t agree more. All of us should “Love the skin you’re in,” right?

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