This ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ fan theory could explain how one superhero got his powers

OH MY ULTRON, stop what you’re doing and listen up, because there’s a new theory out there about the Avengers and its absolutely brilliant. It’s also SO SIMPLE, we can’t believe we didn’t pick up on this before. Avengers: Age of Ultron might have slipped in a huge reference to another Marvel character, and one we haven’t seen before. You ready?

There are a few parts to this theory you need as backstory. For one, remember Helen Cho? She’s the doctor who patches up Hawkeye after he’s injured at the very beginning of the movie. She’s also who Ultron forces — under mind control — to create a new body for him in her “pod.” Now, later on in the Marvel timeline (not seen in Ultron), Helen is going to have a son named Amadeus. And actually coming up very soon (in our present day world), Amadeus is going to become the Hulk in a brand new Hulk comic series.

Reddit user maaaahsin has now got a pretty great theory that Amadeus is actually IN Ultron, because Helen was pregnant during the movie.

“Helen Cho was pregnant with [Amadeus] during the event,” maaaahsin writes, “When Ultron uses the scepter housing the Mind Gem on her so she will use the cradle to create his new body, it fundamentally changes the developing fetus and explains his off the charts ‘superhuman’ intellect as he grows up.”

Oh gosh, why didn’t we think about this sooner? We’ve seen what Loki’s scepter can do to living people, but we’ve never seen what happens when that power is used on someone with a growing li’l baby inside of them. This could easily be the reason why Amadeus gets his super smarts that will help him one day take over for Bruce Banner as the Hulk.

There’s no indication that Helen is actually pregnant in the movie, but when you’re presented with a clever theory as simply as this one, you just WANT to believe it’s true. And I’ll be the first to admit the real fact that Helen is Amadeus’ mom never crossed my mind before (listen, there are a lot of Marvel characters, and I can only keep track of, like, 200 of them on any given day). True or not, Marvel loves to tie its characters together, and this would be a perfect way to introduce Amadeus to the Avengers way before we even meet him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

(Images via Marvel/Disney)


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