This $9 Blowout Spray Gives Me the Shiniest and Smoothest Hair Ever

This product has replaced my hairstylist.

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Let me start by saying that I don’t often straighten my hair. After severely damaging my hair with heat during my middle school years, I put an end to my excessive use of hot tools and focused on reviving my natural curl pattern. Since then, I’ve reserved silk presses for special occasions, booking an appointment with my stylist once or twice a year. 

However, because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, I haven’t returned to my stylist’s chair in months. Instead, I’ve been taking this time to up my own hairstyling skills. Recently, I decided to test my skills by doing my own blowout. As someone with hair that is thick and long, straightening my strands is no easy (or quick) task, but I knew the process would be less daunting if I had the right products on hand. Enter: the Afro Sheen ‘Fro Out Blow Out Spray.

This bottle is the key to achieving straight strands: It protects my hair from heat damage and gives my textured strands a smooth, shiny finish. I love that it has hair-healthy ingredients, like keratin aminos to control frizz, coconut oil to moisturize hair, and castor oil to boost follicle health. Another perk? The Afro Sheen ‘Fro Out Blow Out Spray is only $9, making it easy to achieve a beautiful blowout on a budget.

Afro Sheen 'Fro Out Blow Out Spray

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To use it, I mist the spray onto my damp hair before heat-styling it, and per the directions, I make sure to spray it six to eight inches away from my hair. Then, I comb through my hair to make sure the spray is evenly distributed. After blow-drying, my hair looks great and feels incredibly soft, and if I decide to use a flatiron after, I spray on a bit more to further protect my hair from the heat.  

After pressing my last section of hair, I immediately notice that my hair is full of sheen and body with very minimal frizz—a pleasant ending to an at-home stylish sesh. The Afro Sheen ‘Fro Out Blow Out Spray makes all the difference when blow-drying my hair since it gives me professional-looking results—and is good for my strands.

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