This is the affordable drugstore product Kylie Jenner uses to get all her makeup off

Maybe I’m a creep, but I’m always super curious about people’s nighttime routines. How do you pick your pj’s? Warm milk or nah? Oh, and I love a good “unready” routine, made all the better when it’s affordable.

Such is the case with Kylie Jenner, who recently gave her fans a peek into her skincare routine on her website.

"When I wear a lot of makeup, it can really be hard to take it all off, so I need something that will do the job, but not irritate my skin. My go-to cleansing towelettes are from Neutrogena! They have so many different kinds, there's literally something for everybody: Night Calming, Deep Clean, Hydrating and Pink Grapefruit."

Neutrogena’s makeup removing wipes are pretty much a holy grail product but be forewarned, using them alone is not enough.

It’s so tempting to just grab a wipe and hop into bed, but you still need a cleanser. Wipes still leave traces of dirt and oil along with the makeup remover solution on your skin. Be sure to follow up with a gentle cleanser to be sure your skin is totally clean and ready for the rest of your skin care routine.

Kylie’s right, Neutrogena has a full line of wipes for every skin concern. Not sure where to start? The original ones in the blue package are a great place to begin. You can grab them for less than five bucks here!

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