Aerie diversifies its representation by showing models with Type 1 diabetes, vitiligo, and more

Whether it be by including models of different races or body types, the fashion industry is slowly inching its way toward better inclusivity. While many brands are still learning how to navigate those waters successfully without contributing to tokenism, others are leading the charge. Case in point: With no fanfare or self-congratulatory press releases and back-patting, Aerie updated its website images to feature models with Type 1 diabetes, vitiligo, and more.

These lovely models not only wear the brand’s lingerie beautifully, but they represent a group of people who are underrepresented in the media. Aerie has been at the forefront of featuring models with diverse body types in its advertising and famously made the body-positive choice not to edit out natural details like stretch marks and skin folds. Along with the recent news that ASOS is now making wheelchair-friendly clothes, we’re hopeful that the fashion industry is becoming more diverse.

One of Aerie’s models praised the company for showcasing people with disabilities. Abby Sams tweeted, “Aerie just sneakily released some of my photos! Look at this disability representation people!!! Also look at me because I can’t believe it’s actually me so yeah.”

She also shared the other models featured on the brand’s site:

She wrote, “Their work in chronic illness and disability representation [in] this campaign was REAL and AMAZING.”

The TypeOne Nation Facebook group also celebrated Aerie’s inclusion of a model with Type I diabetes.

You can see the outpouring of appreciation from members in the Facebook group.


It’s incredibly touching.

If you want to shop any of the pieces featuring Aerie’s new models, take a look at our faves below:

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Aerie Boho Lace Bralette


Aerie Longline Plunge Bralette


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