There’s now an aerial yoga mat to take your practice sky-high

Yoga on a hammock?! Why didn’t we think of this?! We can get our Asanas on, and then collapse in exhaustion, atop the world’s best napping contraption.

Levitat is a brand who’s really into suspending things mid-air. Its last Kickstarter was a hanging tree tent. Now, it’s made a triangular trampoline mat for aerial yogis who like to lounge. (We’re guessing it’ll also appeal to the Insta-yogi.)

The mat will retail for $240, but is currently offering $159 buy-ins on Kickstarter.

The “The Revolutionary Aerial Mat” claims to improve balance, blood circulation, focus, and concentration.

“Our inspiration for Levitat came from practicing stand-up paddle surfing (SUP) yoga and being able to simply have fun and unplug from the norm,” said Enoc Armengol, creator and co-founder of Levitat.

“Our aerial mat simulates the constant unbalance you feel while on the water, but the beauty of Levitat is it can be used nearly anywhere, and it’s light and portable,” he added.

Sure, but what about napping?

The Levitat can hold up to three adults or six kids, or one adult and a lot of reading material, for a total of 770 lbs.

It hangs on trees with ratchet straps, or can be set up on a stand in treeless areas.

It’s lighter than two water bottles and is stored in a simple backpack, according to the brand.

The suspended mat provides people with an innovative way to practice yoga anywhere, and to feel like levitating spiritual magicians while doing so.

We’re sure there’s some untapped floating chakra this mat will open up in us.

Just imagine, practicing your warriors in the air among the trees. We’re so there.

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