The advice Hugh Jackman got from Sir Ian McKellen on the first “X-Men” movie is something we all need

It is basically our life’s dream to get advice from Sir Ian McKellen. Think about it. You’d be getting a pep talk from GANDALF. Also, you’d be getting a rousing battle speech from MAGNETO. Not to mention, you’d be getting words of wisdom from every Shakespearean character McKellen has ever played.

This is what we are so jealous that Hugh Jackman got A+ amazing advice from Sir Ian McKellen on the first X-Men movie.

Lucky for us, the advice is absolutely transferrable to the masses. And TBH, it’s something we really all need to hear.

When Hugh Jackman appeared on The Graham Norton Show on Friday, along with McKellen (and Patrick Stewart to boot!), he relayed the anecdote.

Jackman said, "I was very nervous on the first film. I started three weeks in. It was my first movie. And there was a lot going on, and there was a lot of people, and I remember you pulling me aside and saying 'This is a time that's going to be uncomfortable, it's going to feel overwhelming, but you're in good hands and everything is going to be okay.' It was the first day, and you saying that to me, I never, ever forgot it.'"


Of course, McKellen had the perfect salty comeback to cut through Jackman’s treacle-sweet memory.

"Don't think I was in love with you" McKellen immediately joked back.

In all seriousness though, Sir Ian McKellen was already a big fan of Hugh Jackman’s. He had seen him perform as Curly in the National Theater’s production of Oklahoma. You know, before Jackman had made the jump from stage musicals to superhero franchises.

We’re so glad Jackman got to thank McKellen for his sweet words. And they apply to most of us, as well. When we are embarking on an exciting new adventure, and we are uncomfortable and overwhelmed, we have to remember that we are in good hands and everything really is going to be okay.