‘Adventure Time’ is doing a spinoff all about one of its best characters. Mathematical!

It’s no secret that we heart spinoffs. What’s not to love about getting MORE episodes from the universes of our favorite shows? From Married… with Children to Harry Potter to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., we’re always down for more. Which is why Cartoon Network has blessed us with one spinoff we’re sure you will be absolutely psyched about: Stakes, a miniseries based on Adventure Time that will be all about Marceline the Vampire Queen.It’s coming so soon — and we finally have a premiere date!

Season Seven of Adventure Time starts on November 2nd. But on November 14th, Stakes will debut. That’s right: eight episodes, ALL about Marceline! The story centers around the untold and unexplored backstories of her character. We can’t wait!

Some very lucky fans caught a first glimpse of Stakes at New York Comic Con. Things to expect from the miniseries include Marceline toying with the idea of becoming mortal, childhood flashbacks (spoiler: she went through a punk-rock phase) and her mother singing a song.

Speaking of songs, during the Adventure Time panel at Comic Con, John DiMaggio sang the beloved song ‘Bacon Pancakes,’ because of course he did. Check it out.

  This lucky fan met Olivia Olson, the Vampire Queen herself.

And this fan totally nailed her Marceline outfit.

We heart Adventure Time because it makes us laugh, but also because it makes us think. The characters explore real complex human emotions, and aren’t afraid to get philosophical. Expect more of the same from Stakes!

Featured image via Cartoon Network