Adult Swim’s ‘Too Many Cooks’ has made the Internet too happy!

‘Too Many Cooks’ is like Nick at Nite on drugs! Adult Swim has always been the destination for some great late night weirdness. For example, their marathon of The Room, The Eric Andre Show or that time they aired a block of VHS quality of Perfect Hair Forever for hours but they have out done themselves with a solid chink of viral gold hidden in what most people thought was programming reserved for Infomercials” The cherry on top of the oddity that is ‘Too Many Cooks’ is it’s not listed on any cable guides. People who were watching Adult Swim at 4am last week caught what looked like a classic ’90’s sitcom turned sci-fi nightmare that never got its start. The show is one long trippy TV theme song that bleeds (literally) into another and then another. It is disturbing and ridiculous but, once you hear the music, it’s almost impossible to forget. Even our fearless leader, Zooey Deschanel took the opportunity to sing the ‘Too Many Cooks’ theme song with Billy Eichner during some downtime on the set of New Girl‘s holiday episode last night:

Too Many CooksWatch the insanity that has been trending this week at your own risk. Hopefully you won’t see names and hear music after the video stops:

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