Adrianne Haslet-Davis Does the Care Bear Stare

There is nothing easy about tragedy. There is nothing easy about loss. But Adrianne Haslet-Davis, the 32-year-old dancer who lost her left foot after being hit by the second bomb in Boston, is handling both of those things a MILLION times better than most people deal with losing $100 at the slot machines in Atlantic City. Of course, losing a foot and losing a Benjamin are far from comparable, but I’ll be damned if Adrianne hasn’t put all of my current worries to shame with her courageous attitude in the face of an event that will change the way she lives her life forever.

Haslet-Davis, a dance instructor at the Arthur Murray Studio in Park Plaza, Boston, has that kind of Care Bear glow about her. She just beams with good energy, even in the photo of her in the hospital with her husband and her newly amputated leg.

I mean, this lady is remarkable. One week after the bombings and she is on to the next one. Ain’t nothin’ gonna to break her stride. Nobody’s gonna slow her down, oh no! She got to keep on movin’. I wish my outlook on life was HALF as positive as Adrianne’s. But you know what? That wish, that amazement at human spirit, that motivation to be better, do better, live better — That’s pretty much the best thing that could come out of a tragedy like this.

New mantra: If Adrianne can overcome the loss of her foot, if Britney can get through 2007, then by golly, I can _____ ____ ______ ___!!!!!!! (Fill in your own blanks here.)

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