These are all the adorable treats they serve at the new Hello Kitty mini cafe

Book your tickets to Arcadia, California now. Never heard of the L.A. suburb adjacent to Crazy Ex Girlfriend‘s famous West Covina? Considering that it’s the home of the new permanent Hello Kitty Cafe, Arcadia is bound to become an international travel destination in no time.

The Hello Kitty Cafe originally started as a both a pop-up in Irvine California’s Spectrum Center and a pink-Cafe-on-wheels that makes its way around the country — but now the new cafe is here to stay! The Hello Kitty mini cafe looks absolutely adorable (could anyone expect it to be anything less?) and its menu includes an extensive drinks and sweets menu, which of course includes the infamous Hello Kitty Macarons.

The complete menu is everything we could hope it would be:


From strawberry cake to rose-water iced tea, we’re sensing a theme here and it’s amazing. This restaurant is *pretty in pink* and that is exactly what we’d expect from our favorite cartoon kitty.

And yes, they even have BIRTHDAY CAKE so you can celebrate a new year of life in the cutest (and probably sweetest) way ever.

Look at how CUTE it is!

When can we move in? The perfectly pink cafe of our dreams is located in the Westfield Santa Anita Mall (so yes, you can do some shopping after eating your weight in Hello Kitty cookies… or maybe before) and they’ve been giving out major Hello Kitty swag this weekend for the cafe’s grand opening.

This is the stuff which dreams are made of: 

(Scroll through the pictures for a sneak peek of the treats)

*Books flight to California solely for these cookies*

*And these pies*

So yeah, the Hello Kitty mini cafe is perfect and adorable and pink and beautiful and… Is this getting redundant? We’re so happy that the cute cafe is here to stay because it surely is a morale-booster.