This smartphone is also an adorable robot, we need this in our lives

Who among us hasn’t watched an episode of The Jetsons? Orhad the revelation that Rosie the Robot Maid is hands-down the best character on the show, then sighed to ourselves wistfully and murmured “I wish I had a cool robot”?

Well, we might not be living in an era of flying cars (YET, you guys, yet), but it looks like we just made some major headway in the world of helpful robot sidekicks.

Meet RoBoHon, the animated, robotic smartphone from the minds of forward-thinking tech company Sharp. As CultOfMac reports, RoBoHon will be available in Japan early next year (sorry everybody else in the world), and though RoBoHon can’t clean your entire house like Rosie (if you want a robot maid, your Roomba is still basically as advanced as science gets), it does come with a lot of cool features.

It can recite and dictate text messages, hail you a cab, project images, and walk around at a party like a mobile selfie stick (it’ll even remind you to smile!). It can also kind of carry on a conversation with you (albeit a VERY short conversation) and it will tell you that it loves you (stop, it hurts too cute).

Check out the sneak peek of the robot in the vid below and try very hard not to die from too much cuteness.

(Image via YouTube)


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