Just a few adorable puppies to get you through hump day

It’s Wednesday, guys. Hump day! Take heart, though. The weekend is coming. I know. I know. Friday seems a long way off. But something tells us that time will go by much faster if we spend at least part of this afternoon looking at adorable puppies.

So set your world weary eyeballs on the cuties below:

My kingdom for a French bulldog . . .

Those ears, though.  

This puppy is having a worse Wednesday than you are.

Flowers AND a puppy! I’m melting.  

Hump day = ALL of the coffee.

Look at this face! 101 reasons to smile.  

Netflix and chill, puppy edition.

Wait. Did someone say Netflix?  

When your stuffed animal is bigger than you are. #squadgoals

The week goes by faster with your bestie at your side. Just saying.  

So sleepy. I know. #humpdayproblems

When Friday finally gets here.  

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[All images via Instagram.]

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