This adorable munchkin cat is about to be your new feline fave of Instagram

Allow us to introduce you to yet another famous cat that will motivate you to step up your social media game. Thanks to Bored Panda, we are now sufficiently acquainted with Albert, a super adorable munchkin cat with the most innocent looking pair of blue eyes we’ve ever seen. Seriously, Albert’s face game is about as fierce as that hot model guy who works out with his cat on the ‘gram. *wipes away flashback-induced drool*

Hmm…where were we? Oh yeah, thanks to his Puss in Boots eyes, Albert has morphed into a hella famous cat on Instagram with a bunch of followers, and once you check this kitty’s gorgeous feed, you too shall partake in the following frenzy, bringing him that much closer to having 500,000 Insta-fans.

With this face, Albert would have us eating out of his paw.

Because professional cat models know how to find their light.

He can also werk a pose with props.

That angle, tho.

Here’s an effortless slay to show the amateurs how it’s done.

Even Albert is surprised by his flawless holiday look.

Watching everyone watch him.

Laying down the law ’cause that’s what cats do.

Making us melt and coo FOREVER.

Because being Instagram famous is hard work, dahling.

Thinking about how good it feels to be a cat-lebrity.

Shopping in style.

In case his Instagram doesn’t fill you with unbridled cat enthusiasm, there’s also a YouTube roundup of Albert’s best moments.

So, where do we sign up to pet sit again?