These adorable maxi pad pins are actually making us not hate our periods

Here’s the thing: periods suck. Well, sometimes, for some of us, anyway. We want to love them so we can truly embrace the ~magic of our bodies~ or whatever feminist thing we’re supposed to do, but it isn’t easy. While we aren’t always so happy to get our periods, we are 100% down with taking down the stigma surrounding periods. After all, it’s a bodily function that happens to so many people. Why should we be ashamed of our periods?! And what better way to challenge that negativity than by wearing a super cute pin?!

Like, how cute is this period pin?

Created by Joanna Thangiah, it’s seriously *so* adorable, and only $14, so we for sure have plans to deck out our jean jackets in about a bajillion of these. Because why not turn shame into fashion?!


Featuring none other than a maxi pad, this pin is actually so, so adorable. With “feminist” written on it in a super sweet red cursive font, it’s 100 types of trendy and filled with the best of ~edgy vibes~ making it just right for our #StyleGoals. Plus, we’re digging the contrast between the pink and teal, and it’s just the right accessory to make our outfits *pop*!

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