Adorable giant pandas doing all kinds of adorable giant panda things

Don’t mind us — we were just browsing through some panda photos on Tumblr, and came across this page full of adorableness, and we had to share it with you. It’s just a bunch of pictures of giant pandas doing what they do best — being adorable. Obviously the only thing more adorable than pandas doing panda things is GIANT pandas doing GIANT panda things.

So, if you need a little extra cuteness in your day today, scroll down for what we consider to be a pretty solid mood lifter-upper.

Here are some tiny giant Santa pandas:

A panda who can’t even believe his Christmas present:

Even when they’re sitting still, they’re still adorable:

Twins sister pandas resting comfortably on a tree branch and on each other:

I mean, COME ON:

Breakfast in bed — my kind of panda:

Everything about this:

It takes two:

Lifting weights:

Eating veggies has never been cuter:

Playground stuff:

Oh my tiny cuteness:


Triplet pandas in an incubator:

Swinging/eating a swing:

Hi cutie panda baby in a tree:

Birthday celebrations:

This genius giant panda faked a pregnancy so she could get better food:


OK, we can’t handle anymore after this one:

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