This adorable bearded man creates art that lets him “hang out” with his fave Disney characters

Wouldn’t it be fun to hang out with your favorite Disney characters in real life? Well, now on Instagram, one artist can. Instagram and Disney go hand in hand. Artists imagine what a Disney character’s Instagram pictures would look like. Fashion designers build incredible Disney-inspired dresses.

Now one adorable bearded artist has found a way to literally hang out with his favorite Disney characters. He’s an Italian illustrator and photographer, known on Instagram @kemslife86. He combines his masterful illustration (and Photoshop) abilities into totally sweet photos. And his Disney character hangouts are a literal dream come true.

1He and Winnie the Pooh get all cute and snuggly under a blanket.

2He takes a magical walk in the park with Mickey’s cute pup Pluto.

3He gets a little romantic with Tramp from Lady and the Tramp.

4He rocks some fabulous animal print, Cruella de Vil style.

5He spots a sly little Cheshire Cat smiling at him.

6He adopts a new pet Stitch, who may cause a bit of havoc.

7And he befriends another alien, E.T., who takes him on quite a bike ride.

8And things get a little dicey when he gets in the middle of the Coyote and Roadrunner spat.

We are so in love with his adorable, stunning interactive pieces

We can’t wait to see who he hangs out with next!

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