10 adorable shelter dogs who are available to adopt right now

If you’ve been thinking about adopting a dog, then listen up! October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog month, and we’ve found some of the most pawsome pups across the country that are looking for someone to open their heart to them and take them home.

According to the American Humane Society, there are an estimated 3-4 million dogs each year at shelters, waiting for their forever homes. So while the cuties below only represent a small fraction of the dogs out there, there are many more at local shelters. In the meantime, get ready for some cuteness overload with these rescue dog pics.

1Edgar in California

Look at that pose! Edgar, a 2-year-old dachshund mix in San Diego, loves sunbathing and is ready to be the star of his own Instagram account. Find out more about Edgar on the shelter website.

2Opie in Georgia

Opie ain’t nothing but a hound dog – a basset hound, that is! According to the shelter, he is a “textbook” example of the breed and is approximately 6-7 years in age. He also loves people, especially when they give him some cuddles. Find out more about Opie on the shelter website.

3Alii in Hawaii

What’s brown and white and spotted all over? Alii, a tiny 1-year-old terrier mix. He loves going on walks and playing with other pups. Find out more about Alii on the shelter website.

4Shiloh in Minnesota

Look at those big brown eyes! Shiloh is a 6 year old pitbull mix and a very good girl. She has a sweet and gentle personality and would love a home where there are plenty of snuggles to go around. Find out more about Shiloh on the shelter website.

5Bear in Nevada

Don’t let his large statue fool you! Bear, an 8-year-old black lab mix, thinks he’s a lap dog. He loves playtime and naps on the couch. If you’re looking for a Netflix-watching companion, this sweetheart might be the one. Find out more about Bear on the shelter website.

6Bella Donna in New Jersey

Say buongiorno to Bella Donna! While we’re not sure if this 2-year-old Beagle mix speaks Italian, we know she definitely speaks the language of smiles and tail wags. Bella Donna is also a very smart pup and knows all of her commands. Find out more about Bella Donna on the shelter website.

7Boy in Pennsylvania

Isn’t he a handsome Boy? Boy is a 7-year-old Pit Bull mix and would be a great pet to someone who loves to be active and play fetch with him. He is also a big fan of treats. (Aren’t we all?) Find more about Boy on the shelter website.

8Snow White in Rhode Island

Only 6 month old, Snow White is a small terrier/Jack Russell mix with a big heart. She plays well with other dogs her size and is destined to be someone’s cuddle buddy. Find out more about Snow White on the shelter website.

9Tsunami in Texas

Brace yourself for a wave of cuteness! Tsunami is a 3-month-old German Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix, who will someday be a big dog, but for now, is only a baby. Find out more about Tsunami on the shelter website.

10Sophie in North Carolina

Looking for a sassy new friend? Meet Sophie, the spunky bulldog. This girl has a lot of personality and is strong enough to give her new owner a run for their money when playing a game of tug-of-war. The shelter doesn’t list her age, but, then again, you should never ask a mature lady how old she is! Find out more about Sophie on their website.