We have to admit, we’re slightly confused by the new necklace Kris Jenner is selling

It’s obvious that nearly everyone in the Kardashian and Jenner family has the business gene. They all are wildly successful, and know how to make money — Kylie consistently sells out her lip kits and is opening brick-and-mortar stores soon; Kim has a veritable empire, including her wildly popular app; and Kendall is a hugely successful model. On top of it all, they have Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and Kris is a super smart momager, a word that was basically made for her.

However, we’re a little…confused by her latest endeavor. What is it? It’s these necklaces, which she’s selling as part of her very own collection for $175, and appear to be made of some strange materials. false

They have been dubbed the “Elegance” necklace, and they appear to be constructed of paperclips and pearls, or something similar. They can be found here on Jenner’s website, with the following description:

Tbh, that doesn’t really clear things up for us, and the internet is reacting in a similar manner. false false false

What do you think of this look? Office supply chic?

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