Meet the world’s youngest (and most adorbs) barista

Adler may only be three years old, but he sure can make a mean cappuccino.

Bindle Coffee in Fort Collins, Colorado is owned by Andrew and Jenn Webb. Recently, they posted the sweetest video featuring their son, Adler, who may very well be the world’s youngest barista — and it’s been going totally viral. The video, filmed by Colorado filmmaker and regular Bindle customer Benjamin Dinsmore, features Adler making a decaf cappuccino — or, in other words, being the absolute CUTEST.

Adler’s been fascinated by coffee pretty much ever since he was born. “It’s just been a natural progression as [Adler has] grown to copy me and be interested in what I’m doing,” Andrew told Australian coffee blog Beanhunter. “When he started crawling I caught him grabbing a coffee bean on the ground and sticking it in his mouth. I pulled it out, but whenever I would open a bag of coffee he would come over and grab one bean out, and chew it up, or now if I have a coffee he always comes over for ‘just a little taste.’”

The video of Adler was initially posted to YouTube in November, but after being shared by the Facebook page Storyful last week, the video has been viewed over 1.3 million times. “Mostly what we wanted to show was a cute kid making coffee,” Andrew told Rocky Mountain Collegian. “And the news has blown it up to make it seem like he’s working a shift here.”

Nope, Adler isn’t working, but he does make drinks for his parents — and they’re really, really good, his mom says. “This is the first time actually tasting one of his cappuccinos and I can actually say I can’t tell the difference between his and someone else’s,” Jenn told Fox 29.

“He just wants to experience what I’m doing,” Andrew told Rocky Mountain Collegian. “And at the same time, he can steam milk really well.”

And he’s REALLY good at being cute, to boot. Check out the video below and be prepared to totally fall in love — and get a serious craving for coffee.

(Image via YouTube)

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