Adidas missed out on this viral student-made commercial for their sneakers

Talk about free publicity. A new fan-made Adidas commercial went viral and the sneaker company totally missed out on the love. Eugen Merher created a 1:40 video about the brand that centers on an elderly German man who used to be a marathon runner. What’s impressive about this video is that the 26-year-old student film maker has no affiliation with Adidas. Eugen told the Huffington Post that they “tried sending it to Adidas’ communications department but they didn’t really react.” Now that the video has gained some traction Adidas is probably paying more attention now. The project, called “Break Free,” couldn’t have a better title.

The commercial starts with the old man who is bored with watching television and playing board games at a retirement home. The man is able to find his old Adidas sneakers and dreams of the days where he would almost fly through the air on the soles of his beat-up sneakers. He dusts off the vintage sneakers and begins running through the halls to try to break free from the facility. He is chased after by the staff and is stopped from reaching the front doors. But, when the other elderly patients band together, he is able to leave with his sneakers as the other patients cheer him on.

Bring on the tissues and the waterworks. This heart-felt piece pulls at all of our heart-strings.  What’s next, tearing up about our old high top sneakers and jelly sandals? We sure hope so.

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