Adidas just launched a hardcore feminist ad and it’s beyond badass

You already know that we’re into decking ourselves out head-to-toe in feminist clothing brands. So we were pretty pumped when we came across this new ad campaign from Adidas. Featuring incredibly rad women who DGAF, this super artsy Adidas feminist ad made our hearts sing. It’s all about being original, being yourself, and not being ashamed. Like, YES! Yet another reason to wear athleisure 24/7.

This clip posted to Instagram gave us major badass vibes.

Adidas explained,

"Free yourself from standards. @mabelmcvey and crew take originality into their own hands with #ORIGINALis."

And the final product is SO, SO COOL.

And it features DeJ Loaf, one of our fave badass women of all time.

When asked if the Adidas feminist ad is trying to encourage women to be more aggressive, the brand had the most *amazing* response. In a comment on Facebook, they wrote,

"Our women’s crew is not promoting aggression but is on a mission. The mission to free themselves from the standards and constant social judgment. They take originality into their own hands and create their own path."

Oh heck yes. We’re loving the fact that this gorgeous, androgynous campaign is aimed at people of all genders.

It’s followed up by these equally stunning photos, photographed by Petra Collins.

Captioned with one of our favorite quotes of all time:

"When women support each other, incredible things happen."

Yes, yes, and yes. Nothing but heart eyes for everything happening here!