After Adele’s snafu at the Grammys, she went and got In-n-Out, just like we all would

Plenty of us have had stress dreams about messing up something major in front of a lot of people. But now when the worry comes creeping in, we have a new role model with levels of chill we can only dream of: Adele.

Last night, Adele performed a gorgeously stripped down version of “All I Ask.” Accompanied by only a piano, the performance was the kind of powerhouse moment that made us all fall in love with Adele in the first place. But things didn’t go off without a hitch.

Early on in the performance, a clang in the piano signaled that things weren’t going perfectly. As it turns out, that noise was a mic dropping into the piano, and when the sound suddenly cut out the audio team was trying to sort things out. As a result of the fallen mic, the sound was off just enough to sound not quite right, though by no means bad.

And of course, Adele didn’t let the momentary glitch throw her off her game. She belted out the rest of the song, just like the A+ badass she is. Then she followed up the performance with a very important statement via Twitter.

First, she cleared up what happened:

Then, she filled us in on what she plans to do about it:

So next time you start stressing, just channel Adele … and then treat yourself to a burger.


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