One of Adele’s new songs is about her son and our hearts are so full

Adele is on a hot streak but she’s got a secret ingredient driving her new song: her 3-year-old son, Angelo.

The second song off the new album, 25, is all about this little secret weapon, and has fueled her comeback in a whole new way. “Sweetest Devotion” is all about her mommy-hood, the growth that it inspires, and it even features a quick cameo of Angelo in the opening bits of the song.

Adele told USA Today, “The song is all about my kid. The way I’ve described it is that something much bigger has happened in my life. I love that my life is now about someone else.” It’s evident in the way she gushes over her newly-found domesticity that she is happier than she’s ever been.  She attributes son, Angelo, and partner, Simon Konecki, for helping her grow up, and it seems like she prefers life at home to life on the road these days.

As she is about to embark on 2016 tour, Adele admits, “There’s something quite lonely about the idea of performing for people and then going home on your own.” But that doesn’t mean that little Angelo will be making the tour stops with mom, or showing up on any red carpets either, for that matter.

Adele and Simon want to keep Angelo as sheltered from the public eye as possible because, “I don’t want that for (Angelo) until he can start making his own decisions. Right now he can choose if he wants a bag of crisps or a banana, but he can’t make a choice about being in the public eye. If when he’s 16 he wants to be known for being my child, he can do that. But right now he’s very much a minor, and we have vowed to make that decision for him.”

We have to say we love that sentiment.

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