Adele’s new haircut is chic times 1000

We have Adele-envy for so many reasons. Obviously her voice, clearly her personality, her enviable cat-eye makeup, and then there’s her hair. Adele has gorgeous hair. Like gorgeous, gorgeous hair. Take a moment to admire the beauty of her windswept hair in this image from the “Hello” video.

Well, on last night’s X-Factor UK, Adele debuted a new hair look that is basically a perfect iteration of a lob. But really, would you expect anything less than perfection from our Adele?

Here’s a different angle so you can show your stylist when you go in for a haircut and ask for the “Adele.”  

Several inches shorter, straighter, and textured, we are loving it. PS if that’s not enough Adele glory for you today, she also announced her North America tour. #YasKween.

(Images via Twitter, Instagram, Shutterstock)

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