Adele transformed into her ’90s music hero. Literally.

We’re crossing our fingers for new music from Adele (any day now, am I right?), but the songstress is in the news for something outside of her powerful voice: Her costume game. Because, that dream you had growing up of dressing as your childhood hero? For her 27th birthday on May 5, the British singer did just that, by donning a wig, fake facial hair, and killer shades to transform into a fellow British singing icon: George Michael.

Being Adele, the details of the costume are absolutely perfect, and she seamlessly channels Michael’s famous camera-smizing ways. Her tweet gives a shoutout to the singer she calls her “hero”:

She looks amazing: Hilarious, but without being disrespectful, and on the nose without being a caricature. So, what did George Michael think when he found out?

“The Singing Greek” absolutely loved it, and gave Adele a shoutout on Twitter:

Sure, Adele’s a superstar too, but it must still be exciting to be called out by your idols. We’re glad these two are in conversation — now, if they wanted to take this to the next level and collaborate on a song or two? That would be a real treat. (Though, if this tweet is any indication, album number three might already be finished…!)

(Images via here and here.)

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