And the winner of today’s #tbt is… Adele!

Adele is having a moment right now. We all swooned over her albums 19 and 21 and have been patiently since 2011 for our Angel of Music to grace us with more songs. We did get Adele’s Academy Award-winning Bond jam “Skyfall” in 2013, but besides that, no new music.

Until last week, when the first single “Hello” was released off of her upcoming album 25, and the music video was subsequently watched 27.7 million times on YouTube in the first 24 hours, breaking the Vevo record for most number of views in a day. (Taylor Swift was the former queen of most-views with “Bad Blood,” which racked up 20.1 million views the first day it hit.)

So, clearly the people (re: us) are excited Adele is back on the scene, and while we wait for 25 to drop in November, we’ll take any Adele morsel she throws at us, including a very well played #tbt.

Adele doesn’t have much up on Instagram and what is up is very posed and stylized. See example below:

Now polished and perfect is all fine and good, but it was a total treat to wake up this AM and see that the star had posted the sweetest and goofiest elementary school photo. She’s missing her front teeth and has the biggest grin on her face and it’s basically just awwww to infinity and beyond.

Note, that even in this photo that is “throwing it way back,” Little Adele has hair game for days. If she’s taking requests, we would DIE over an Insta vid of Baby Adele singing. Instagram Gods, smile down upon us and grant us this #tbt wish.


Adele and Lionel Richie just had their “Hello” songs mashed up, because internet

Adele is really sorry that ’25’ took so long, but we’re sure it was worth the wait

(Images via Instagram)

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