Adele opened up onstage about her struggles with breastfeeding

Just add this to the never-ending list of reasons why Adele is our heroine. Last Tuesday, while chatting with the crowd onstage during a concert at London’s O2 Arena, the Huffington Post reports Adele spoke candidly about something many mothers deal with: her struggles with breastfeeding.

In the video captured by a fan in the audience, Adele spoke about her own struggles with breastfeeding her son Angelo, now 3, and how it’s totally OK for new moms to struggle.

“The pressure on us is fucking ridiculous,” she declared in the video. “And all those people who put pressure on us, you can go fuck yourselves, all right? Because it’s hard. Some of us can’t do it. I managed about nine weeks with my boobs.”

Adele keeps her family life to herself for the most part, especially when it comes to her son. (Angelo’s dad is Adele’s partner, Simon Konecki, who she’s been with since 2011.) Talking about the struggles of new parenthood gave us a glimpse into a part of her life we’d never really heard about before.

Adele also admitted that struggling with breastfeeding really had her feeling down — something many moms can relate to. “All I wanted to do was breastfeed and then I couldn’t and then I felt like, ‘If I was in the jungle now back in the day, my kid would be dead because my milk’s gone,’” she concluded.

This is an important reminder that every parent is different and that the pressure that new parents face to do the “right” thing isn’t helping anyone. We’re sure Adele comforted a lot of new mothers in the audience, as well as some mothers-to-be who were nervous that the choices they wanted to make were the “wrong” ones. Plus, who can argue with Adele when she’s wearing that amazing British flag?

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