What Adele said about Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance says a lot about their “beef”

For whatever reason, whenever two (or more) women in the same profession are successful, people like to pit them against each other, something which is both highly unnecessary and unfair to the women in question. Adele and Lady Gaga are two of the biggest names in the music industry and despite often having to face off against each other during Grammy season, they’re proof that strong women are above petty celebrity gossip.

Over the weekend, Lady Gaga slayed the Super Bowl halftime show and Adele took to Instagram to show her support for the Perfect Illusion singer.

The caption was both adorable and sooo Adele.

 She said, “Lady you SMASHED it! Totally nailed it.

Adele had previously said that the NFL had asked her to perform at the Super Bowl but she’d turned the offer down, citing not being the right kind of person to headline the show.


Another fellow pop star, Katy Perry, who headlined the Super Bowl in 2015, also took to social media to congratulate Gaga on a stellar show.

Perry and Gaga were also rumored to be feuding in 2013, when they released singles and their respective albums around the same time. The two denied any feud and much of the alleged drama was attributed the media making their similar album schedules into something more.

We love seeing our favorite stars supporting each other. The Super Bowl is such a big show and we know that Gaga must have loved seeing the support from her fellow pop icons.

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