Adele’s beautiful no makeup, behind-the-scenes photos are so refreshing

As weird as it may sound, we’re all a little obsessed with celebrity, #nomakeup selfies. It’s just something about seeing our fave artists sporting the normal look that makes us like them more. Sweats, raggedy t-shirts and a ponytail can make even the most glamorous celeb relatable. And add a bare face to the equation, and we’re in love.

As if Adele couldn’t get anymore lovable, the vocalist posted the most refreshing behind-the-scenes photos of her tour on Instagram. Her bare face gave her the regular-girl appeal that we all wish celebs would embrace more, and Adele looks absolutely stunning.

Adele rocked a very appropriate cowboy hat in Austin, TX with comfy sweats and blazer. So simple, but yet so complementary. We just love this look on her!

And even when lounging around, she still looks perfect. #goals

She effortlessly nails the ever so awkward “oops” look, too!

We just love how Adele gives off the “I’m just one of the girls” vibe! Even in interviews the vocalist appears to be so down to earth. And seeing as she fan girls over our fave celebs just like we do, we know that she’s essentially just like us.

Seeing Adele’s no-makeup pics just gave us so much life. Normal girls, FTW!

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