Adele is crushing her press tour and dropping wisdom left and right

We already know Adele has the mind-blowing power to weave heartbreak and wisdom into music, but during press for “Hello,” the surprise single she dropped on us last week, she’s already made some quote-worthy points about love and life during her interviews as well. E! Online rounded up some of the best nuggets of wisdom (so far) and we could not agree more.

For instance, she spoke to Z100 with Elvis Duran about her nerves when the preview of the song came out:

I think iTunes would say otherwise. “Hello” is currently sitting at number one on the singles list, and 25, the upcoming album, is number one for albums just through pre-order alone.

But, as Adele told BBC Radio 2, she still had doubts about making another album:

Thank God she did, because this one promises to be amazing. She spoke to SiriusXM about the specifics of 25:

We can’t wait to hear all this translated into music, and to belt it into our mirrors as I’m sure we’ve all been doing to “Hello”–that can’t just be me, right?

To read the rest of the roundup, head on over to E!


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