Adele paused and started over her Grammys performance like the total perfectionist boss she is

We love Adele for many reasons, and her adorable reaction at a hiccup during her Grammy performance is one of them. Adele started her George Michael tribute over after dropping an F-bomb, but of course she did it with courage and grace. She surprised the audience, and world, after asking the band to stop during “Fastlove.” But after a few deep breaths, and a couple tears, she was off.

Although she apologized for starting over, we know we didn’t need it. After all, she is a 12-time Grammy winner. And even though she ended the incredible performance with tears in her  eyes, the only reason we were crying was because she’s so good, and of course, she’s Adele.


Adele will always have a special place in our hearts for her charisma, honesty and incredible voice, and now this performance as well.


Don’t look so sad, Adele!!

Even though she messed up, she still handled the mess up like a champ, and we will always salute her for that.


We love you, Adele!

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