Rumor has it: Adele’s new album might be dropping as soon as next month

Haven’t had a good cry in a while? We understand — after the 500th listen through of “Someone Like You,” the emotional beats get a little predictable. Luckily, British pop powerhouse and heartstring-puller extraordinaire Adele is finally releasing a new album, her first in over four years, and after dropping bits and bobs of information over the year, we finally have a rumor of a release date: November 20. (A month she did tease in her Twitter avatar.)

To recap, what we know about it so far is limited to the name (25, continuing the trend set by 19 and 21) and people she’s been working with, which include Sia, Damon Albarn (of Blur and Gorillaz), and Pharrell Williams. However, most of the Adele news we’ve been getting as of late is about what the new album’s not going to sound like (tracks by Sia and Albarn were sliced), versus what’s actually making the cut.

Well, we know for sure that certain things will be there: String-propelled instrumental swells, choruses that’ll have you singing and dancing along, and of course, that inimitable voice and the ~*feelings*~ that follow when it crests to the top of Adele’s range. Though we’re pretty sure you could just put her voice over the sound of passing traffic and you’d still have the makings of a pretty great song, we have high hopes for her third (junior?) album.

That said, there will probably be one big difference between 25 and the two albums that came before. Both 19 and 21 were recorded in the aftermath of emotional trauma, and now Adele has both a dedicated partner and a child. We’re not at all suggesting that just because her personal life is good, she’s not going to be able to write and sing sadder songs — rather that it’d be unsurprising if the quality and subject of her happier music change to better reflect her circumstances now.

Until we hear otherwise, we’ll be patiently waiting for November. Now, time to revisit her earlier song catalogue, tissues in hand.

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