Adele made a visit to those affected by the London apartment tower fire

In a moving and emotional move, Adele visited those affected by the tragic apartment tower fire in London to offer her support and give out hugs to people.

Yesterday (June 14th), a fire broke out at the Grenfell Tower in west London. The tower block was 24 stories high, and contained 120 homes, with local councillors  stating that between 400 and 600 people lived in the building. So far, 12 people have been reported dead with many more missing, and hundreds of people have lost their homes and belongings. The residents of the tower had reportedly sent repeated warnings to the building mangers about the risk of a fire, despite the tower, which was built in 1974, undergoing recent refurbishments (which some have suggested contributed to how quickly the blaze spread).

Since the fire, the people of London have been rallying to support those affected, including celebrities such as Adele.

The singer, along with her husband Simon Konecki, was spotted last night around where the tragic disaster occurred, with eyewitnesses saying that she was going around hugging people. false

Pictures taken by a member of the public, Instagram user FourMee, show Adele wearing black looking visibly upset by the events as she comforts those in the vicinity.

The singer, who owns a house in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea where the fire took place, wasn’t the only star to offer up their support.

British singer Lily Allen also tweeted that if people needed shelter that they should contact her. false

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver also opened up his restaurant in west London, offering free food and drink to those affect by the tragedy.

Singer, model, and former America’s Next Top Model host, Rita Ora, also shared her upset at the events.

“This is my neighbourhood I can’t believe this is happening,” she wrote. “My prayers are with everybody involved my heart is beating so fast. I used to play in that block – I want to do all I can do to help.”

There’s an investigation undergoing as to what caused the fire. However, as of yet, no cause has been reported. We’re sending all out thoughts and love to those affected.

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