Adele and Lionel Richie just had their “Hello” songs mashed up, because internet

It seems like just yesterday that you couldn’t turn on a radio without hearing “Rolling In The Deep,” “Someone Like You,” or “Set Fire To The Rain.” 2012 was the year of Adele—and then the songstress disappeared from the scene.  

In the intervening years, Adele has become a mom to a super cute little boy and, as we learned in the last week or two, she’s been working on her third studio album, once again following the age theme of her previous releases by naming it 25.

The first tear-inducing single is forgiveness ballad “Hello,” which sounds (at least for a minute) an awful lot like Lionel Richie’s love song of the same name. So, of course, the internet decided to mash the two up. Check out the hilarious video below (it’s racked up a million and a half views in the past three days, not bad, little video, not bad at all):

A little short, right? But if the internet gods are truly on our sides someone just spent their entire weekend creating a longform mashup of the songs. It’s only a matter of time.

Here’s the actual “Hello” video from Adele—flip phones and all. This sucker has racked up FIFTY million views in the past three days. All hail the queen. We absolutely can’t wait to hear her new batch of songs.


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