Stop everything: Adele just revealed that she dressed like “The Mask” for Halloween

It’s kind of difficult to “call” the winner of Halloween, when more and more fantastic costumes keep circulating. But as it’s officially November 2nd, maybe it’s safe. Amazing woman Adele dressed like “The Mask” this Halloween, and it’s hysterical, terrifying, and all in all, pretty darn well done. Seriously, Adele reached Heidi Klum and Katy Perry-level with this costume, and we’re super impressed!

For those unfamiliar, The Mask was one of Jim Carrey’s first films, right around the time he introduced the world to Ace Ventura. In fact, Adele was only 6-years-old when it came out. Co-starring Cameron Diaz, The Mask was never an instant classic, but everyone definitely knew about it.

We never would have guessed that Adele was behind all that rubber!

… But, that’s definitely her. Thanks to the tattoo, the costume is definitely verified. We’re sure that Jim Carrey is probably a bit flattered.

 Adele revealed through Instagram that she celebrated Halloween this year in Dallas, Texas.

Whether or not the other people realized it was Adele? That’s a completely different story. All we know is, we’d probably have no clue we were chatting up such an incredible celebrity if we got into a conversation with her that night!

We can’t wait to see what other amazing ideas Adele has for costumes in the years ahead!

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