Adele joined the #MannequinChallenge on Twitter, and what she posted is simply amazing

When a meme is involve, Adele has proved that she’s in. She’s so in. In fact, Adele took to her Twitter to join the #MannequinChallenge, which is a new trend going around in which…well…people freeze up like mannequins, and have their video taken. It’s harmless fun, and actually pretty impressive, but serious question — who comes up with this stuff?

The challenge is also really giving Rae Sremmurd a push. The hip-hop duo are embracing the fact that their song, “Black Beatles,” has become somewhat of an anthem to the Mannequin Challenge. Adele went a different way with her video, and chose to film with Johnny Cash’s “Man in Black” playing in the background.

And, seeing that she gave hers an incredible Western theme, it’s totally appropriate.

While the challenge in itself is a bit random, we dig anything that allows people to get a little bit creative. If you’re thinking about creating your own, here are a few other incredible challenges that might inspire you. (Of course, so far Adele’s is simply the best.)

For example, you don’t want to miss a remixed version of Hillary Clinton’s video that was just released.


And, the story is just insane with this one.

As expected, the cast and crew behind The Ellen DeGeneres Show make theirs mighty impressive.


We’re curious to see where other celebrities take their videos after seeing Adele’s innovative spin!

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