Adele is attending this couple’s wedding and we’re unbelievably jealous

Getting married to the love of your life is a gift itself, but having Adele (yes, the ADELE) attend your wedding as a guest is out-of-this-word-amazing-dream-come-true. And who is it that got oh so #blessed to have Adele attend their nuptials? Why, a lovely couple, Ryan Salonen and Vince Rossi, who are huge Adele fans that attended her concert earlier this month. The couple had jokingly agreed to ask Adele to attend their wedding if they were to ever meet her. Well, guess what? They did and she said YES. (Omg it’s so beautiful!)


During her concert in Los Angeles on August 9th, Adele brought these two lovebirds onstage after gushing that she loved their dance moves, a sort of dancing like no one is watching. She told concert goers that it was easy to spot their enthusiasm from the crowd. That’s when Vince and Ryan, in this video Vince posted on YouTube, who Adele called a “very handsome couple”  jumped at the chance to invite her to their September 2017 wedding (because we would all obvs jump at this chance).

“I would love to come!” she said. “My tour should be over by then so I’ll come.” We would have fainted. Then, the inevitable question was asked by the couple: How much does she charge to attend weddings (seriously, how much?) because a wedding these days are expensive enough as is.

She happily responded, “Don’t worry, I’ll do it for free!” So, if you didn’t already love Adele, this is reason to love her more. Yes kids, dreams do come true and it can happen to you!

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