Adele impersonates herself in a heartwarming prank gone right

Adele is just so good at making us cry, it’s refreshing to have her make us laugh. The singer partnered with Graham Norton for a BBC special that aired in the U.K. on Friday night, according to Vulture, in a heartwarming prank that gives us all the feels.

The setup involves a handful of Adele impersonators who thought they were auditioning for a TV pilot. Adele joined the singers as an Adele-wannabe, transforming herself into Jenny, a calm, soft-spoken nanny. To complete her disguise, Adele wore  a prosthetic nose, chin, heavy makeup, and gloves to cover up the tattoo of her son’s name on her forearm. She also totally committed to her character, changing up her voice, faking extreme stage fright before taking the stage, and even missing her cue.

Each Adele-hopeful takes a stab at “Make You Feel My Love” before Jenny takes the stage. Moments into the song, it dawns on the other singers that they’re in the presence of the actual Adele. Disbelief turns into joy and they soon start singing along as well.

We absolutely love Adele. We love her for her talent. We love her for her heartfelt, soul-crushing (in the best way) songs. And now, we love her for her amazing sense of humor and for proving that, with Adele, even a prank can be a wonderfully life-changing moment. 

Watch it for yourself, but be ready for some serious feels and some serious laughs.

Bowing down. We are just bowing down to everything that is Adele.

(Image via video.)

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