Adele freaking out about a bug on her leg mid-concert is all of us

She can battle love and heartbreak, but her battle with insects is a bit more complicated. During a recent show in Auckland, Adele freaked out over a beetle that landed on her leg mid-song. And of course, in true Adele fashion, she made the entire audience crack up while trying to fend off the bug. Because she’s just like us, and hates when things stand in her way. Especially when that “thing” kind of appears out of nowhere.

Lucky for us, some fans in the audience were able to capture the moment where Adele hilariously lost her cool. The worst part? The beetle decided to hang out for awhile, even though he wasn’t totally welcomed.

(For the record, a few swears follow.)

Looks like that beetle is a huge Adele fan as well.

When musicians banter, it really adds to the concert experience — and when they prove that they’re not above writhing on stage in gorgeous attire due to a creepy crawly, they prove that they’re someone we’d love to get coffee with.

As expected, she flawlessly continued the show — even without bug spray. The beetle — who was (supposedly) giant and probably terrifying — also managed to get some cred with fans in the audience, who admired him for his tenacity and bravery. We mean, to cling onto the leg of the singer you love is pretty daring.

"It's coming back to haunt me, look!" the singer had said to her fans after failing to rid of the bug entirely.

This moment was just one of the many that reminded us how important it is to get tickets to the next local Adele show. Not only does she have a solid voice, but she knows how to amuse the crowd.

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