Adele forgot the lyrics to her song, but remained fully perfect

Adele is on tour right now and in a perfect world, we would be sitting front row, center, singing along at every single one of her concerts. I mean, HELLO. We’re talking about Adele here. (Yeah, I totally went there with the bad “Hello” pun. I just had to.)

Sadly, the world is not perfect. But we’re still keeping up with Adele’s tour stops via social media and basically pretending we’re in the audience every night. Apparently, it looks as though she recently forgot the words to one of her own songs. (We get it. She’s got a lot of songs, guys!) Of course, she responded to her mistake in the most Adele manner possible. AND WE LOVE HER FOR IT.

Midway through a line of Million Years Ago, she stopped singing and straight up told the audience she was singing the wrong words. “Shit! Wrong words,” she blurted out, and then burst out laughing before she apologized.

This is why we love Adele. (You know, besides the fact that she’s amazingly talented.) She’s relatable, down to earth and just plain hilarious, as evidenced by this:

And this:

Oh and also this:

Adele, we love you. Never change.

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